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Acrylic on board


locally framed in pine


This is a one-off original artwork that is part of the Monochrome series. Monochromatic colour schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. Tints are achieved by adding white and shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker colour, grey or black.


Monochromatic painting has been an important component of avant-garde visual art throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. Painters have created the exploration of one colour, examining values changing across a surface, texture, and nuance, expressing a wide variety of emotions, intentions, and meanings in many different forms. From geometric precision to expressionism, the monochrome has proved to be a durable idiom in Contemporary art.

This series builds on my previous work Chromatic Bias, in which I used colours that the human visual system adjusts when there are changes in illumination, causing every individual to see the colours in the artworks slightly differently.

All artworks are individually titled and signed. 


© Artwork remains the copyright of Karlijn Sas and may not be reproduced in any way. 

Monochrome IV / acrylic on board / 900x900mm / $990

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