New Series

Chromatic Bias

Introducing my latest series of original artworks and prints, a collection of works in white, gold and blue. 


 Our individual sensitivity to contrast affects how we perceive a colour, causing us to experience colours differently depending on our individual brains and collective cultures.


 This effect is especially strong with colours that differ greatly in reflectiveness, like white, gold and blue. In this series I explore the topic of subjectivity and individual experience.


wallpicture_215130_015116 (1).png
colouring in

It's the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing. Print this golden wattle colouring page at home and get colouring. It's completely free, and suits both young and old.

I would love to see how it turns out! Please tag me or send it when you are finished.


my story

I was born in the Netherlands, where I studied at the University of Amsterdam, after which I moved to Belgium to finish my Master of Arts at the University of Leuven. 


Since then I have moved to Australia and now run a social enterprise that helps fund the Conservation Ecology Centre. Living in a natural environment greatly influences my painting.

I like paintings that offer the viewer the freedom to interpret, most of my works come from a specific place or topic that will get pasted onto the canvas in multiple coats of acrylics.

contact me

Apollo Bay VIC 3233, Australia


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