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Thank you for scanning the QR code that got you here! My name is Karlijn Sas, I am a local artist and I painted that QR code. You are now on my website, feel free to have a look around.  

Apollo Bay is a beautiful spot at the edge of the Otways. We are surrounded by a spectacular natural environment, and you might feel excited to do things to care for this country, to protect the oceans, forest and our community. I'll give you a few wonderful tools to do this while you are here.


The Otways is home to an innovative environmental conservation organisation that dedicates itself to solving the most dire environmental challenges in the Otways. There are a couple of fun ways to support this organisation:
1. If you are about to enjoy a drink at the Apollo Bay Distillery, then choose a Spotted Ale - 100% of the profits from this local brew go to conservation in the Otways. 
2. Make a donation to help save wild lives and wild places:

The Otways is the land of the Gadubanud and Gulidjan people of the Maar Nation. Nicola Philp said it better than I ever could: "It is my hope that all Australians will come to see it as their role, responsibility and honour to care for the land as much as First Nations people did and still do. There is so much to learn from our incredible pre-colonial past, we need to start listening, learning and practising."

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At Wildlife Wonders you can spot a koala and learn about local ecology and conservation on a guided nature walk, unwind with a great coffee, or find a delightful gift in the shop. 100% of procits support local conservation programs so be sure to visit during your stay in the Otways. 

\We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last one to be able to do something about it. To learn about tangible actions you can take to reduce your impact on the land, and prepare your home and your family for the effects of climate change explore the Otways Climate Adaptation website:

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